We are enjoying our Paso Fino horses, as well as the high quality tack and great service we got from Rancho Del Rey

Our private oceanfront estate is located in quiet Playa Chiquita, just outside of Sosua on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic. We offer more amenities than any other similar rental at a great value.

We are proud to offer two wonderful private rentals within our estate, Casita Erick and Casa Cary. Both are fully appointed for comfortable living in a relaxing and safe environment.

Villa Samia welcomes alternative lifestyles within our estate.

What we have that others don't!

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What We Have That Others Don't!

24/7 Electricity! We are one of the few places that can make that promise when the grid goes out (which is more often than you would think!). Public power is supplemented by a full sine wave inverter with 32 batteries that stayed charged via our wind generator, solar panels or our 50 kW diesel generator with 1,000 gallons of fuel capacity. **

WATER! Sanitized/potable water from all indoor taps. YOU CAN DRINK OUR WATER! Kitchens and washed foods stay free from water born baddies. We have two water systems with 60,000 gallons storage capacity, including rain catch systems for when city water just does not work.

HEATED pools! One shared by our renters and a private one for us helps ensure a true a non intrustive atmosphere.  If you like to swim laps, just ask about using ours. We don't know of anyone else that heats the pools. There is a very big difference between 74 degrees and 80 degrees when it comes to pools. Ocean view with large sunning area.

PROFESSIONAL MASSAGE!* We have a licensed professional that will come to our place using the best equipment in a variety of relaxing atmospheres on our property.

KEEPING COOL! Open the windows and let the breeze in; we have insect screens. Overhead fans and AC.

GYM!* We have our own right here on the property and it's good equipment. Our gym has AC, cable TV and stereo.

Other amenities:

  • 2 small secluded seasonal beaches within 300 yards.
  • Cable TV
  • Extensive book and video libraries.
  • Housekeeping.
  • Laundry service.*
  • Concierge? We live here and will be glad to help with what we can.
  • On site staff and our two friendly watch dogs.
  • Internet/WiFi provided in Casa Cary.
  • VOIP phone for calls to the U.S. and Canada can be provided in Casa Cary.*
  • LPG B-B-Qs.

We also now have four friendly watch dogs taking good care of the place.

* Extra charge.
** Inverters do not power AC and a few other items. Very few ever know that we are on inverter. Generator is used when AC is a must.