Tomorrow we head back to Santo Domingo to finish up the residency process. Plus I have any appointment with the eye doctor. So it will be a busy day on Monday with an 11 AM bus return on Tuesday. We are hoping to get both the residency card, which you have to get from the Department of Migration, and the cedula (national ID card) which you have to get from the Junta Eleccion Central (or something like that) done before my 2 PM appointment with the eye doctor. Otherwise, we can do the cedulas Tuesday morning before the bus… if you get there early it doesn’t take very long.

So from the time I started trying to get my passport replaced (out of pages) till the residency is final has taken way longer than I expected! I started in early April trying to get the passport appointment! We could have done the residency faster, but I had travel in between. I was able to get in and out of the country with documents showing the residency renewal was in progress. Not sure that would have worked at the bigger airports, but here they sort of know me and are a little more lax.

This time we are staying at the Embassy Suites. It’s a lovely property conveniently located and has lots of amenities, including a stunning rooftop swimming pool. It’s only shortcoming, from Bruce’s perspective, is no balconies and non-smoking rooms. He’ll have to go down to the pool area to smoke. Maybe he won’t smoke as much! 😊

The last couple weeks have been calm. Rain mostly at night, enough to keep the grass green and water in the cisterns. No major problems to report, although one outside light on the ocean side finally rusted through and fell off. We haven’t used that light for a while anyway. I did have the crew repaint the stair railings and stairway security door as we were starting to see some rust. Not too bad… it’s been like 14 years since it was painted!

I finally decided to call Eriberto, who is the general contractor who finished building our house after we fired the first one. He’s coming next week to look at a project… I was sort of trying to coordinate it myself but decided it was too complicated. I hope he takes the job. We need to fix a leak on the roof area where the solar panels are, hopefully without removing the solar panels. Eriberto has had it fixed a few times and we have as well. Just can’t seem to get ahead of it. But I got recommendations for some higher quality materials that might do the trick, sealant and asphalt sheeting. We’ll see. Plus we want to put a raised roof over the service building. The cement isn’t level on the roof, so we need to get that taken care of. The idea is to shade the roof for cooler rooms for the water and power systems, prevent water from collecting up there, and protect the transformer from the weather. Always a few fun projects going on at Villa Samia.

I’m also gearing up for my next trip at the end of the month, combining business, fun and family. I’ll get to spend some time with friends in San Diego and a long weekend with my grandkids. Then nothing for three more weeks when I head to Germany for KBA’s 200th anniversary celebration… a historic event I am very much looking forward to.

Thank goodness no more planned trips to Santo Domingo till December when we renew Bruce’s pistol license… it requires an in person visit for a ballistics test every year. Really more of an excuse to extract more money out of you.

Talk to you next week!