A couple weeks ago, one of our dogs, Samantha, had some kind of episode. She was literally screaming for an hour, then only yelping every once in a while. Of course, these things always happen on a Saturday night. By Sunday morning, she seemed fine, except for occasional unexplained yelps. Bruce thought maybe she was stung by a bee or something and had a reaction.

Well, this week, I decided to take her to see Dr. Bob. He’s an American who has spent the last three decades or more in Central America and the Caribbean, and has been here in Sosua as long as we have been coming here.

He checked Samantha out and agreed it was probably a reaction to some kind of insect bite. He gave her a shot of an anti-inflammatory with vitamin B, and voilá, no more yelps! Here’s his very informal exam room. There were something like 7 or 8 dogs lolling around his waiting room when I got there. Two were patients, but I think the rest must be his. Hard not to be a collector here. Carlos is helping.

On the way to see Dr. Bob, I also saw something that is a very common sight here, the Dominican tow truck.

The guy on the motor bike ran out of gas and grabbed on to the back of the truck for a tow. I know it was gas, because he turned into the gas station just up ahead. Often you will see a motor bike towing another motor bike this way. Easier than walking and cheaper than calling a grua – or tow truck. But not sure how safe it is.

We often get very lovely views. When I woke up the other morning, I saw this pretty sky. I try to appreciate every moment we have in this beautiful country because you never know …

I took this from the second floor. The guest pool is visible. Right now it is empty since we don’t have any guests and it is expensive to maintain. Plus there is a leak we haven’t been able to find (and water is precious). When guests are expected, we will be finding that pesky leak and painting the pool. It needed painting anyway.

Currently there is another leak somewhere in our water system. I’m heading to Switzerland today, and Bruce and the guys will be working to figure out where that leak is while I am gone. There are water pipes everywhere and no formal plan for them, so it will be a challenge. We think it might be somewhere in Casita Erick, since we shut of the water last night, but filled some 5-gallon jugs for our police people to use and there was a lot of air in that line, plus lower than expected pressure. I wish them luck finding the problem!